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Yusuke iseya dating

We also asked advice from Hirokazu Kore-eda, since I worked on his films and know him.

I feel confident about being able to make an appealing film for that young generation.

With that in mind, what do you feel about the work of Akihiko Shiota, who you've worked with on Harmful Insect (Gaichu, 2001) and whose usually has adolescents as his subject?

I notice that when I look at the kids around me in my own life.

The feelings and thoughts you have at that age are essentially universal.

The backbone is just about somebody who loses a packet of marijuana.

In the beginning we thought this would only be enough for a thirty-minute story, so in order to expand that into a feature we had to add subplots and additional characters.

I imagine it's an age group you can still very much relate to.