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Towards the end of making this album, it was a conscious decision to be alone. I was driving from my house in Brooklyn every day, listening to Hot 97 and it was just so inspiring. The xx’s shows at the Armory in New York were presented like an exhibition.

He’s now focused on the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin, where he will try to continue his dominance and make Saudi Arabia proud once more.

Jamie Smith (known by the stage name Jamie xx) is an English music producer and remix artist. Jamie's sound is influenced by fellow British acts Burial and Kode9.

Jamie xx: There’s a record that just came out on Diagonal Records by NHK featuring Xi X (‘845’). I rarely have an artist on constantly, it’s just tunes.

My favourite track from UK soundsystem culture has got to be ‘Back in the Days (Sexy Ladys mix)’ by Urban Jungle.

I used to go and listen to him playing anything from jazz to techno.

Having worked with him, I’ve found out he’s so honest, in a way that’s shocking sometimes.

Jamie xx: Not exactly, I just felt like we needed a break towards the end of making the second record.

After placing 16th in the 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), Khalid “x X Th E Ro Ya L Xx” Aloufi returned to competitive action at the 2017 Regional Final in Sydney. Traveling all the way from Madinah, Saudi Arabia, x X Th E Ro Ya L Xx secured his trip to the Australian metropolis after a solid run in the November Weekend League, winning 116 matches.

Jamie xx: We feel a lot freer and I think we’re all generally happier than we were when we were doing the second album ().

We realise now that when we were making it we were in quite a dark place and we were very insular.

, an homage to a 90s free party he never went to, and a love letter to a UK sound now archived by kids on You Tube and ex-ravers who still have all their jungle cassettes. It’s often kids reappropriating sounds they loved when they were younger, but were too young to be a part of. How do you feel about the state of British nightlife at the moment?