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Researchers studying the links between sleep and sex in younger, college-age students also found that for those in relationships, every added hour they slept corresponded to higher sexual desire.

‘Learning a number sequence (3.14159265358979, for instance) is intimidating for two reasons.

One, the digits themselves are meaningless and tricky to remember and two, the sequence, unlike a good story, for instance, is random and also therefore unmemorable.’‘We all know 3.14 is how pi begins,’ Mr Cooke said.

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Mr Cooke believes that people use the excuse of old age for forgetting things (illustrated with a stock image, left) but they should recognise that they could simply be distracted.

He says that anyone can memorise a deck of cards (illustrated right) like a Grand Master of Memory - if they practice hard enough Dominic O’Brien (pictured) is one of the most accomplished Masters of Memory and can memorise 28 packs of playing cards in an hour.

A screenshot of three of the exercises available on the website is pictured He explains that older people are more inclined to pronounce unusual surnames correctly, for example, because they are more likely to encounter them before, just as they can link more experiences to new information, enabling them to learn more easily.

Participants were asked to remember a list of words including age-related terms such as ‘grey’ and ‘bingo’ and after the exercise, they left the room more slowly than people who thought about non-age related words.

‘Next you might think of 15/92 as a 15 year old girl with her 92 year-old grandpa.

653 5 could be England scoring 653 for 5 declared against the Aussies (if you’re into cricket).

Mr Cooke, who was not involved with the study, said: ‘You can see how this relates to memory.