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====== 08Nov I better shut up before Larry shoots me LOL ====== 08Nov Annobon Island ====== 08Nov The Island of threecol ====== 08Nov Where is 3COL?

====== 08Nov Worked 3C0L for a new country today ====== 08Nov Doc,,as Ged said we should have tried hours ago.....

The information that is stored in the cookie is your callsign, firstname, and Maidenhead grid locator.

O.o hes graceful and stuff...sasuke: O/////O'sakura: HES MINE!!!

-temari signes out-naruto: damn neji..i need to learn from you..pick up girls so easy! and well i saw naruto.well..was..kissing...a guy...naruto: T/////T dont..itgaara: HE KISSED ME:3naruto: -/////- baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaka!

Ttemari: bitch.neji: whoretemari: im coming over.neji: fine!

sasuke: cause then ill have to go...naruto: i like it when sasuke moves.