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Tinder Online brings the swiping app to the desktop world, letting users swipe left and right using their cursor, and easily type messages to their matches.

Did the potential love of your life get away because you accidentally swiped left instead of right?

Turns out this is common enough a problem that dating app Tinder is hoping to monetize such missed connections with an undo button for paid users..“The most-requested feature we get is a button to go back and have a second chance with people that users swipe left on,” Tinder cofounder, president, and board member Sean Rad, who recently stepped down as CEO in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit, told . It’s absolutely at the top of the list.”Tinder is also adding a button on the home screen called Passport, which lets users search for potential date matches in other locations.

The app doesn't verify users' birthdays, taking it from Facebook when they sign up — so with a fake Facebook account, a 48-year-old could pass themselves off as a 14-year-old.