Start Wow glyph of intimidating shout

Wow glyph of intimidating shout

We’ve already got new talents, new glyphs, and a different rotation in Mo P – and now, with Patch [patchnumber], there’s always more changes on the horizon.

As expected of someone from a rich family, she is haughty and dismissive of others, but over time it's revealed that she has a softer side as well, and desperately wishes to prove her worth as a Schnee. Weiss's weapon, Myrtenaster, is described as a "multi-action Dust rapier".

As this suggests, its a large scythe that also fires high-caliber sniper rifle ammo.

In addition, its blade angle can change — usually relative to Ruby's momentum — effectively turning it into a war glaive (a polearm with an inwardly-curving sword-like blade on the end).

If you’re facing four or more enemies, use Whirlwind instead of Slam or Heroic Strike.