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Whos dating brett michaels

I didn't like it, but at least it was pretty straightforward and the women were being honest about their sexual desires (even if, to me, those desires seemed misplaced).

So yes, once again women are encouraged to give it away and are then rejected for doing so. Women need to get that message and learn to value and protect themselves accordingly. Don't wait for the change out there, be the change....

I am not surprised to read about this show's finale.

Now, arguably, being selected by Brett Michaels is actually the consolation prize with the real reward being able to go back to one's own life and whatever a contestant actually has going for her.

But let's say for the sake of argument that winning one of these shows is an accomplishment.

It may have been a bit low-brow for some tastes, but it was honest (and kind of hilarious).

In the end, though, the "virtuous", hard-to-get woman was rewarded with the prize that the other, "looser" women were urged to use their sexuality to win.

The framing of Bret's decision to be with Taya sent the not-so-subtle message that a man won't buy the cow if he can get the vagina for free, and I expected a different message from good ol' Bret Michaels.

This message is made all the more unsettling by the fact that Rock of Love Bus is the number one show on VH1, and that I can only assume its target demographic is young women.

I'm a psychotherapist and when I see the women being overtly sexual to win Brett's attention, I wonder how many of them are acting out psychological disorders, were sexually abused as children, etc. I don't see this as a show that celebrates or even demonstrates healthy feminist sexuality, but rather exploits women with low self-esteem to appeal to our train wreck mentality.

Ironically, the only redeeming feature of these dating reality shows is, I think, the realistic portrayal of who is eventually selected.

While Bret told the camera that he respects all of the women he's been with and Taya's choice not to sleep with him had nothing to do with his final decision to pick her, he followed up that line by saying, "but I can't stop thinking about her." Of course, there was also ample footage of Taya calling Mindy a slut and a whore for spending the night in Bret's room, even though everything about the show and its premise encouraged her to do just that if she wanted to win.