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You would go to a party and Grace Kelly and Cary Grant would be standing in the same room. But it's also a fickle town." "Among the reasons I left were the values – what was important and what wasn't: where you sat in a restaurant, what car you drove, was more important than so many other things in life. But for me, I have a real belief that life is for the living and one's face tells one's life story, especially one's eyes.

She is 57 now, but still youthful, vibrant and attractive. I'm not knocking anyone who has given the industry commitment, but my zest for life is so huge that it never was just about acting.

A professional horse breeder for 15 years, first in Northamptonshire and now in Somerset, she makes only occasional forays into the film industry, sometimes as actress, sometimes as producer with her husband of 23 years, the actor Simon Mac Corkindale – Casualty's Harry Harper."Acting has never been everything for me," she says, sitting outside her farmhouse overlooking the undulating fields of Exmoor. I always wanted a new challenge."She's an experimenter. George uses photographs to judge the potential of her horses."Through the eye of the camera, you can assess the charisma and talent of a horse," she says.

"The cancer treatment cost them virtually everything." It is understood that George, 60, who starred in the controversial film Straw Dogs, hopes to return to acting.

One day, I asked him to make a restaurant booking and he said, 'I'd rather you called, because we'll get the table'."Before marriage, George was a staple of the gossip columns, variously "linked" to George Best, Jimmy Connors and the Prince of Wales. I didn't watch one episode."So here she is, in the depths of the West Country – almost but not quite Straw Dogs territory – rearing horses.

""The huge roles I was being offered were all the same. We've discussed it many times and we couldn't have all that we have and do what we do.

My decision was to move behind the camera so I could have some choice in what I did."What followed were a series of so-so ventures, and 12 years in Los Angeles."It was a fantastic time, the real heyday of Hollywood. I'm putting 56 "children" through public school here. It's a huge exercise."There have been upsets, particularly an article which claimed her husband was relieved to have some time to himself, living in a flat in Bristol near the Casualty set."Simon was mortified about that article. He had an apartment that he stayed in on the odd night in Bristol, which he doesn't have any more. As soon as we stop work, we are with each other all the time."Her eyes still shine. Would she be tempted to resort to cosmetic surgery? There is a lot of pressure in this industry, and if I lived in California, I'd feel as pressured as anyone else.

Boris Johnson's sister has been approached by the star of the BBC comedy Rev.