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Who is karen mok dating

I hope So-Hee's career will grow well and successful.. Keep excelling I learned to love Kim Hwa-Goon(Yoon So-Hee ) when, undoubtedly she is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of Crown Prince (Yoo Seung-Ho) .

The day before Globodyne's stock tanks, a la Enron, and its pension fund evaporates, the corporation's CEO and CFO set up middle manager Dick Harper to be the public face of the disaster.

Jobless, and with no savings, pension, or home equity, Dick and his wife Jane sink slowly into poverty.

Sadly it turned out love triangle from the 4 casts..

Her chemistry with the Yoo Seung-Ho can't be denied to..

He looks for work (as do all former Globodyne executives); he even tries day labor with the relatives of their Mexican nanny.

A foreclosure notice sends Dick and Jane over the edge into a life of blue-collar crime.

She's so adorable and among all the lovely pretty kdrama actresses who look like clones of each other she really stands out with how lovable she is.

I don't get why nobody has given her a lead role yet or at least more nice second leads since "Let's eat" and "Big man". When I see her for the first time,directly she remind me to PArk Shi Yeon.face, her lips, her eyes, her stare just like Park Shi Yeon.just look like Park Shi Yeon younger version XD I was watching Marriage, Not Dating thinking, why the hell does she look so familiar.

Lastly, she shows us week after week how to love someone without being creepy lol ? I just discovered this girl while watching 12 year reunion and she is gorgeous! Oh my God every time she was on the screen I would be just drooling. Hope she's a good and humble person too in real life!

No offense for her but I really find her irritating specially when she starts to act as cute one, It suits her to be the antagonist. I really love her, I'm not into to those villain actresses but for me she's one of a kind... Hoping, Yoon So Hee take one of the lead role someday... I don't know why but i am always ship her with L , maybe because of their web drama (i want to protect you one more time) anywere i love her so much ❤❤ Fighting ? Damn I just watch the two episode of the ruler master of mask and I already ship Yoo seung ho with Yoon So Hee... OMG the first I saw you was in EXOs MV Drama but I didn't give much attention to you. I liked her in Chives and marriage not dating drama.

Like Soo-hee, you got the talents and beauty, better than many young actresses out there. Most beautiful woman, like person that commented bellow, she also captivated my heart, and u know what's interesting? She needs a leading role, I like her role in "My Love Eun Dong" I loved her in "Let's eat".