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Who is emilio estevez dating

Which is something I knew about.’ Did he consider any other actor for the lead role? Stop.” That’s the level of his generosity.’ When I asked James Nesbitt for his recollections of the shoot, he suggested that it must have been difficult for Estevez to work with his father, because Sheen would stop and talk to everybody he met on the Camino. After years of being associated with the Brat Pack films of the mid-1980s – he became a generational icon for his roles in The Breakfast Club and St Elmo’s Fire – he has emerged as a successful writer and director, not least with Bobby, his 2006 semi-biographical account of the last day of the assassinated presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy. Initially Estevez wanted his father to play a more pivotal role – the manager of the hotel in which Kennedy was shot.

Along the way, he is joined by three ad-hoc travelling companions, all also looking for meaning or fulfilment in their lives: a troubled Canadian woman, an overweight Dutch stoner and a frustrated Irish writer (played by James Nesbitt).

After 12 months, Sheen reached breaking point, and suffered a minor heart attack, though he was able to resume filming a few weeks later. 'My father and mother, neither of them cared if Larry Fishburne [Sheen’s teenage co-star] and I jumped in a jitney and went to Manila for the weekend. We were just trying to survive.’ More than three decades later, Martin Sheen, now 70, and Emilio Estevez, a 48-year-old actor-turned-director, have collaborated on another film odyssey on foreign soil, though this time it has been a more enjoyable experience.

President Marcos was in power, martial law was in effect, and you were shot on sight if you were seen on the street after 1am. ’ He says he recently asked his parents that very question. The Way is about an uptight father, Tom (played by Sheen), trying to reconnect with his restless son, Daniel (Estevez, who also wrote and directed the film).

The Canadian woman he meets has a broken heart, so she’s the Tin Man. Now regarded as one of the world’s greatest character actors, he is revered for unshowy performances in films such as Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, and for portraying perhaps America’s most-loved president, Josiah Bartlet, in the tele­vision drama The West Wing.