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Who is constantine mouralis dating

“It’s really hard [to be away], but I’m working so she can have a better life,” he explains.

alum, 35, admits that growing up with an unusual name often left him with plenty of explaining to do. Instead, Maroulis looked elsewhere for inspiration and found his answer in the 2000 Italian movie And while deciding on a moniker for his baby girl was smooth sailing, the same could be said for Malena’s December debut in Nevada, from where mom Angel Reed, 29, hails and chose to deliver their daughter.

To this day they screw up my name, and I didn’t want that to happen to her,” he tells PEOPLE.

And now I'll be touring a bit and I have a few projects lined up. And now it's a lot more about : One of the great things about the show is that it's interactive in that the audience sings along. I remember fights, a joint being lit up in the middle of the show.

So probably my greatest Yankee moment was seeing Don Mattingly run off the field in 1995 when they first made the playoffs. It's a great celebration of Yankee tradition and history. They kept a lot of the great features, and it feels like the old place. I've met a lot of famous actors and rock stars, but I look up to athletes the way people look up to regular celebrities. The opportunity to create a role and get nominated for a Tony has been huge for me. I've some good work over the past 10 years, Boston Conservatory, the , I've been able to sustain the quality of work, including creating this role. I have a small dedicated following, and yet wherever I go people seem to know who I am. We would do midnight shows on Friday nights and people were just wasted the whole time.

And you're not the typical theater-going audience, and that's what's cool about our show. But we have the guys who bring their girls and bring their friends and they can relate.

The "Rock of Ages" star was arrested for allegedly kicking the mother of his child when an argument broke out over his announcement that he's leaving her, TMZ reported.

Her attack allegedly left a bruise and a cut on his right thigh.