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We are dating now yoon gun

Actor Lee Dong Gun became attention of the public after revealing his relationship with one of the most prominent member of T-ara, Jiyeon.

Nevertheless, numerous K-drama fans have remained quite surprised at the pace and progress of Lee Dong Gun’s relationship with his fellow actress Jo Yoon Hee.

But then, 11 days ago, she hanged herself in her Manhattan apartment.

It sounds like the classic tale of the poor little rich girl - particularly in the light of reports that 26-year-old Lee had been forbidden by her father, the Samsung chairman, Lee Kun-hee, to marry the man she loved.

I am unsure about how this news will be received by my fans who have always supported me, but as much as I want to become a better actor and a happier person, it is my wish to receive blessings from all of you.