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Warehouse security dating

We support global regions and can store data anywhere in the world.

When procuring a device, regulated parties are encouraged to select from the qualified technology section.

Approved Technology Devices conditionally approved for screening operations and are currently undergoing, or are scheduled, for field test activities.

Industry partners may request the secured version after they are approved as a certified cargo screening facility.

The technology list is divided into three sections: Qualified Technology Devices that have undergone a formal TSA-sponsored test process and are deemed qualified for screening operations.

Please note that when procuring screening equipment in accordance with TSA-approved security programs, cargo screening technologies must be selected from the SSI version of the Air Cargo Screening Technology List.

All cargo tendered for transport by air is subject to a search or inspection in accordance with federal regulations.

The Periscope Data Warehouse scales on-demand to perform in periods of high usage (multiple queries or users).

Plus, your data is always available and up-to-date with our 99.9% uptime.

Due to this fact, regulated parties should refrain from purchasing devices from this section.

For the Non-SSI version of the Air Cargo Screening Technology List click here for download.

The Periscope Data Warehouse scales to meet demand, allowing you to offload redundant manual work and enjoy lightning-fast queries every time.