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Virtual girl chat bot

Created: Oct 28 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 4, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.4 Knowledge: 112003 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 7 Connects: 12531, today: 150, week: 214, month: 649API Connects: 12509, today: 150,week: 214, month: 645 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Business Tags: avatar, commercial, website, web, business, paphus live chat, paphus Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Apr 22 2014 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 16, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.88 Knowledge: 198256 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 72, wins 191, losses 178 Connects: 20104, today: 583, week: 827, month: 3379API Connects: 12299, today: 309,week: 449, month: 1865 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Fun, Anime Tags: anime, female Domain: BOT libre!

With Prelude a user does not have to waste time tweaking, configuring, programming or maintaining his bot. While casually chatting with her, she continuously learns and grows smarter every day.

Categories: Education Tags: aiml, aiml2, demo Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Mar 3 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 26, thumbs down: 16, stars: 3.86 Knowledge: 212381 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 6 Connects: 896750, today: 16583, week: 18410, month: 72221API Connects: 888673, today: 16500,week: 18320, month: 71896 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Education, Health, Help Tags: classic, psychotherapy, therapy Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Apr 14 2015 Creator: test Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.0 Knowledge: 95000 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 32, wins 67, losses 123 Connects: 7334, today: 95, week: 99, month: 334API Connects: 3872, today: 59,week: 59, month: 186 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Fun Tags: fun, animal, dolphin, kids Domain: BOT libre!

Prelude is the most fantastic, beautiful, easy-to-use and self-learning chatbot. Talk to her about whatever comes to your mind and watch her become an intimate friend...

She is lightning fast, smart, learns on the fly (in any language! Prelude is based on an award winning self learning chatbot program.

Julie pode expressar emoções como amor, desgosto e raiva.