Start Updating uag array member

Updating uag array member

There are stand alone arrays and enterprise arrays.

Then, you can use Forefront TMG Management to create a new Web Listener (or update an existing one) and configure it to use the new certificate.

Because every environment is different (for example your settings may be configured differently), you may need to consult your Microsoft Forefront TMG documentation.

I agree with you, but this TMG server of yours can fail, and if it fails all those services will either get unprotected or users can’t access them anymore.

To fix the problem or to prevent it from happening you can create a sort of cluster known as a TMG array by connecting two or more TMG servers together that operate as a single logical firewall.

for my environment I was installing TMG on a virtual machine so it was easy to take a snapshot so that if something went wrong I could simply revert the VM and start over.

I’d strongly recommend you take a backup for the TMG array configuration before you started the Service Pack installation.

I upgraded my lab VM this morning and it was nice and simple, the whole process took under 10 minutes.

I thought I’d just grab some screenshots of what to expect and post them here for reference.

All that is left is to create another array, but that’s not what you wanted right?

Long story-short is that you can join to an array only one TMG server that runs the standard edition of the product, but you can have many enterprise TMG servers.

If this doesn’t resolve the errors, please contact support.