Start Updating the acpi driver selections

Updating the acpi driver selections

– Fixed file deleting issue: If a file is deleted in UMS the corresponding ‘real’ file in the Web DAV directory is not deleted as long as other UMS files refer to it.

– Fixed: Empty error message while opening Browser Session via Session Summary in configuration dialog – Fixed configuration dialog issue with Postre SQL database: configuration could not be saved, if values of fix instances were changed.

– Fixed permission issue for display page: page permission for display page did not take effekt on UD LX / UDC devices prior to 5.08. – Fixed: Adding Browser Session with legacy LX Firmwares – Fixed time zone configuration issue: It’s possible to use template keys in WES profiles for timezone parameter on page Sytem - Date and Time – Fixed: Path to some parameters were highlightet in green even if there was no template pattern set for the parameter.

Any new UDC device registering to UMS will get a license automatically. – Enhanced support information: all assigned profiles of a selected thin client are added to the support information file – Added feature for sending Wake on LAN broadcasts via ‘Wake on LAN Proxies’.

– Fixed: Bug in “Send View Result as Mail”, which exported some incorrect columns [Jobs] – Changed name of Job “Update next Reboot” to “Update on Boot” [‘Files’] – Fixed: use ip address of server in file transfer URLs to avoid problems resolving FQDN – Fixed: A file which is assigned to a parent directory of a thin client is sent to the tc even if the file is in the recycle bin.

It’s no longer necessary to configure the HA database manually when an additional server is added to the network.

[Installer (linux)] – Added installer option to create menu items for “UMS Console” and “UMS Administrator” on Linux operating systems.

Just delete the registry entry HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\UFH\SHC for example thru an login script, see also KB 3161390.