Start Updating records in access

Updating records in access

Its original purpose was to identify who in the family gets billed.

I'd rather it be a button-based update, since it may not always be the case that one person who gets billed will lives with the rest of the family.

It should be up to the judgment of the person doing the data entry whether to update the rest of the family or not...

It's not a subject for the total novice to consider, but if you have some VBA skills, it opens up some additional options for move data between Excel and Access.

Yes, if you use a different name each time you will have to change the file name in the update query.

My question is, is there a way to put a button on the form that allows me to update all other family member's address information and other other pertinent information with that one member's information updated.

For example, if I just got a note that Bill Smith's address changed and I updated that on his record, is possible to create a button that, when pressed, will update the address on all the people who has his "id" as their "billablememberid" (or update that information for everyone who has the same "billablememberid"?

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