Start Updating memory problems

Updating memory problems

Excel 2007-2016 users tend to see them more than Excel 2003 users.

The next suggestion advises how to remove COM addins. VBA add-ins are normally very passive and do not cause memory problems. Although our testing indicates VBA add-ins are not a major memory user, you should only install as add-ins those you need all the time. Remove any you files in XLSTART folder that you do not need (with Excel closed).

To un-install un-needed VBA add-ins: Such open automatically. It may be a hidden folder so you will have to set options to show hidden folders while searching. Typically the folder should be empty or contain only Personal. See if you have an alternate startup folder and check its content, and remove anything you do not need (with Excel close).

It is also possible that none of these steps will solve. We have tried to order the steps from easy to do to hard to do. COM add-ins are a special type of add-in written in machine language.