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Updating gmail

This means that you can set up Zaps that will automatically create new Airtable records using incoming data from any of the hundreds of third-party services supported by Zapier.

In the Search by field box, we'll pick the field we're planning on searching in our selected Airtable base/table.

If an Airtable record does not exist for this name, the Zap will create a new one, and if a record does already exist, it will update the existing record's "Date of last contact" field value to match the new email's timestamp.

From the Zapier dashboard, under the "My Zaps" tab, click the "Make a New Zap" button: You'll then be brought to the Zap configuration page, where you can name your Zap. In this case, we would like Gmail to trigger a change in our Airtable database—so Gmail would be considered the trigger app.

For the second step, you'll be asked to pick an action app—select Airtable.

You'll then be asked to select an action for Airtable to take—in this case, we want "Find Record," since we want the Zap to look through existing Airtable records for one that matches a particular contact's name.

After selecting a trigger app, you will be prompted to choose the specific conditions for activating the trigger.

In this case, we want the Zap to run whenever a new email is received.

(Note: Without making this “Find Record” step, Zapier won’t know which record to update when we try and construct the “Update Record” action later.) You'll be asked to connect your Airtable account to Zapier (you'll need your API key for this). The first step is to pick which of your Airtable bases to search, and the appropriate table within that base.