Start Updating disconnected datasets

Updating disconnected datasets

It might be easier to use your own names than the premade Fill and Get Data.

We will create a solution where we might add different projects to show each of the following concepts or you might need to comment and comment out each time the respective lines (in order to keep the solution smaller). We are going to create some columns and then add them to a Data Table. You can instantly add the column without any property and later, configure whatever property you want . Creating a Data Table and adding it to a Data Set is pretty much the same as adding a Data Column to a Data Table. In it’s constructor, you typically pass the name of the FK constraint, the primary key column of the parent Data Table and finally, the foreign key column in the child Data Table . NET is pretty much the same as using a Foreign Key constraint.

Add a C# console application project named Configuring Data Tables And Data Sets. You don’t have to create another project to show this feature, just comment what you have written inside your main method and paste the following code. Write Line("Data Set has the following Data Tables", ds. Since you create the Foreign Key constraint, you cannot add a record to the child Data Table with a foreign key value not matched to a primary key in the parent Data Table. In the following example, we will create two tables establishing a relation between them.

Using the it is possible to pull data out of one multiple databases and to restore it with optimistic locking.

The data and the structure from the database implemented by the Data Set class can be written to or read from xml documents and schemes.

Executing an sql command is done with the function.

You don't need an open connection to use the Data Adapter, the Fill and Update function open the connection, manipulate the data and closes the connection again.

NET before actually start queering real database data. The Disconnected category classes, are those that lets you access and manipulate offline the data you have retrieved using the Connected classes. We test this functionality in the same way we did before, that is try to add a record with the same Id as another one. Let’s see now how to create Foreign Key Constraints in ADO. Basically you need two Data Tables objects to create a Foreign Key between two of their columns.

The Connected classes are those that lets your retrieve and update data in your data sources. NET so add a new C# console application project to your solution, named Constraints And Data Relations. Set this project as the Start Up, build and run it. Comment the code inside your main method and paste the following.

The tables in a dataset are implemented by the class.

Normal manipulations like filtering data with the where clause or sorting can be done on these views.

It's possible to create the sql select statement with a query builder and to generate all the other queries.