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Updating a select

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it seems that set State doesn't work anymore, but how do you pass back the value/option?

In v1.0.0, you can pass the value back in as a "full option." In this case, you are not simply passing in the value, but rather the value combined with the label.

id=415505 And another one for Firefox because it is not firing change when the select value is changed via keyboard.

There was one already, but it's closed now: #4216 @caitp, what's the policy on browser bugs ( I think keep them open either until the vendor fixes them or we implement a workaround, right?

It seems that after the first change, the listener is somehow disabled (as no events fire on it). I commented out the code which iterates over event callbacks. Removing one after the selected does not cause this issue, only before.

So the angular callback is entered but doesn't fire the function the select directive defines. So whatever the callback select adds does, somehow causes the next set of events to not fire. I think it is specific to that, maybe related to the code which recomputes the options each time validate and parse runs. Leads me to believe its some bug with chrome keeping track of options, indexes changing etc.

OTOH, it's because we aren't getting a change event.

If we are in fact getting a change event then this is weird and warrants more investigation (this issue has been reported before however, I suggest reviewing old issues to find them).

And IE fires the I just closed some duplicates of this issue, so here's a quick recap: Chrome (Blink) / Safari (webkit) has a bug not firing change when an option is removed.

Bug filed as id=415505 (Bug is fixed in Chrome) Firefox basically follows the "spirit of the spec" by not firing change when the select value is changed via keyboard, but Chrome and IE do it, so it coud be considered a bug.

This didn't work as expected and I was faced with a race condition that caused the state/county select to stay the same and the country to revert to the default value. I was looking for a way to rebuild the select options and noticed that actually the options are rebuilt every time the property the select is observing changes on the model. Not that dirty though as you're guaranteed a clean set of options and no other bindings are destroyed and re-stuck.