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Uk best adult am cams

Thankfully the new camera is much more stable and gives a much nicer view.

The upgrade was originally suggested by the Vasalini (of Vasalini's chickens fame) and took place on 12/03/06 The new camera provides a much clearer picture, and the new images are extremely high quality.

The system is also running much faster and is a lot closer to the true streaming that I originally envisaged.

history: I first had the idea for a live streaming online webcam in our chicken coop sometime around the summer of 2005.

I've already helped several would-be webcam users get started which has been great fun!

Keep an eye on the blog and the forum for pics, movies and info on their journey to adult hen-hood!

about the cam: Hopefully you can see Leslie (the very large Lemon Pyle Brahma), Mabel (the small Millefleur Pekin), Maude (the small Lavender Pekin), Renee (the Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben), Erika (the Gold Appenzeller Spitzhauben) and finally Ariel (the Amber Star hybrid).

Hencam is very thankful for the help and support of Exa Networks - thanks to them you can see these pages, and their technology has enabled our fastest, smoothest and best high-quality webcam images yet - I hope you notice the improvement!