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Similar results were obtained with two other animals, except that in one case, the digestive canal had sus- tained no injury. The same experiment was repeated upon a very robust dog, by sprinkling the wound with ten grains of white hellebore root finely powdered : twenty minutes after, he began to make efforts to vomit, and vomited ten times in the course of the succeeding twenty minutes.

These symptoms were combated with oxycrate, and the patient was perfectly restored." * 3rd. Grunwald has seen the decoction of the leaves of this plant, administered in a glyster, give rise to a furious deli- rium.*! That the juice and decoction of the root of black Henbane in full vegetation, produce serious symptoms when introduced into the stomach ; but that their effects are less if employed in the beginning of the spring. The next morning the animal was again made to swallow sixteen drops of the same poison. Dissertation Inaugurate sur FAcide Prussique f Aug. This thesis contains a very great number of interesting facts. This fact agrees with the experiments of the cele- brated Fontana,* in which the heart of several frogs ceased to contract when a few drops of the cherry laurel were let fall upon them. The animal died twenty-one minutes after the injection. Robert has exposed successively birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs, to the aperture of a matrass of the capacity of two litres, containing air mixed with Prus- sic Acid Gas ; all these animals died in the course of two, four, six, eight, or ten seconds, opening their jaws, and rendering a great quantity of saliva. Robert has also caused dogs and cats to swallow Prussic Acid dissolved in water and in alcohol, and obtained results similar to those we have described in the foregoing experiments.* OBSERVATIONS. For more than six hours, I experienced a very remarkable anxiety of the praecordia, alternating with a slight pulsative pain in this part, which was not rendered more sensible by pressure." 2nd. Fueter communicated to me the fol- lowing fact, which has since been inserted in the Annates de Chimie of the month of October, 1814. B., Professor of Chemistry, left from forgetfulness a flask containing alcohol saturated with Prussic Acid; the servant girl, seduced by the agreeable smell of the liquor, swallowed a small glass of it. Scharinger, Professor at Vienna, prepared, six or seven months since, some Prussic Acid pure and concentrated; he diffused a certain quantity of it upon his naked arm, and died a short time after. This shrub grows spon- taneously near the Black Sea, in the neighbourhood of Tre- bisonde. At the end of half an hour the animal vomited a tolerably large quantity of alimentary matter.

The whole of the digestive canal was inflamed ; the inflammation was greater in the large, than in the small intestines ; several portions of the latter presented alternately a state of constric- tion and relaxation ; there was no gangrene : forty-two hours after death the limbs were still flexible. It has likewise been seen, after its use, that persons have lost their hair, nails, and even the epidermis which covers the whole body. 335, 138 hurried, great difficulty in the functions of hearing ; in short, almost all the symptoms which characterize an attack of apo- plexy, except the stertor and distortion of the mouth. When they were restored by appropriate remedies, they saw objects at the first moments double, then they appeared to them of a scarlet colour.* 7th. Fifteen minutes after, the animal rose up, passed some urine, experienced an opistho- tonos, and in half an hour was recovered. L 146 frequent, convulsive movements took place in all the muscles of the body, and the pupil was dilated. Coullon says, page 39, " I have swallowed suc- cessively twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, eighty, and eighty- * Annates de Chimie, month of October, 1814. I felt, during a few minutes, a heaviness of the head, and slight cephalalgia, which appeared to be seated under the hairy scalp of the sinciput. Calyx bell-shaped, caducous, with five lobes : corolla of L 2 148 live petals : fruit fleshy, round, smooth, somewhat furrowed on one side ; stamina of indeterminate number ; flowers in a pyramid, white, but not very bright : bark smooth, of a greenish brown colour : leaves permanent, simple, entire, ob- long, firm, shining, petiolated, sometimes variegated with white, sometimes with yellow, furnished with two glands on the back, or on their inferior surface.

The mucous membrane of the stomach, and that of the rectum, were somewhat red ; the lungs presented several places of a rose colour, and others which were livid, blackish, * The inflammation of the rectum is a constant occurrence where the animals who have taken the black hellebore root have survived its admi- nistration for a few hours.

He fell afterwards into a state of general insensibility, and died at half past four.

At forty-five minutes after two he was suffering such vertigoes that he was not able to make two steps without fall- ing ; his hind legs being excessively debilitated, he could not keep himself standing for a moment; he uttered plaintive moans; his pupils were not more dilated than natural.

Rhododendron Chrysanthum 80 Fritillaria Imperialis (Imperial Crown) ibid. At two in the afternoon two drachms of black hellebore root, powdered, were sprinkled over a wound made in the interior of the thigh of a powerful dog. At the end of six minutes the animal vomited some whitish fluid matter, and did not cease to make violent efforts to vomit during the first hour that elapsed ; these efforts were sometimes ineffectual, at other times they were followed by the expulsion of a little yellowish bile.

General Action of Acrid substances on the Animal Eco- nomy 101 Treatment of poisoning by Acrid poisons 106 CHAP. Page Observations 116 Of Black Henbane (Hyosciamus Niger) 130 Action of Henbane on the Animal Economy ibid. 159 Action of the strong scented Lettuce on the Animal Eco- nomy ibid. 162 Of Azotic Gas 167 Action of Azotic Gas on the Animal Economy .... Of the Protoxyde of Azote (Oxydule D y Azote) 168 Symptoms produced by the Narcotic Poisons .... Of the Infusion and Decoction of Coffee 179 Decoction of Coffee ..' 181 3rd. The next morning he walked tolerably well, and made no more moaning.

Of Opium 109 Action of Opium on the Animal Economy 110 yiii CONTENTS. Of the strong scented Lettuce (Lactuca Virosa) .... Three hours after, he was suffering greatly, and had very severe vertigoes, which were quieted during the night.

Of Euphorbium (Euphorbia ojficinarum) 30 Action of Euphorbium on the Animal Economy ... Page Of Savine 35 Action of the Leaves of Savine on the Animal Economy . He died on the fifth day : the limb 10 was scarcely inflamed, and no lesion appeared of the interior organs. At half past two, were introduced into the stomach of a very strong dog, four drachms of an aqueous alkaline extract of black hellebore in a solid form, which was prepared by a cold maceration of the dried root in water, sharpened by the sub-carbonate of potash, (this extract forms the base of Backer's Tonic Pills ;) the oesophagus was then tied. 128.) 142 colour, which dissolves in water, and the solution of which throws down in a blue precipitate, more or less deep, the salts of iron of the second and third degree of oxydation ; in a crimson, inclining to brown, the salts of copper at maximum ; in a blood colour the salts of Urania ; and in an apple-green those of Nickel.

1 Action of White Hellebore on the Animal Economy . 2 Observations 5 Of Black Hellebore 6 Action of Black Hellebore on the Animal Economy . 7 Of Bryony H Action of Bryony on the Animal Economy 12 Of Elaterium 14 Action of Elaterium on the Animal Economy .... Of Colocynth 16 Action of Colocynth upon the Animal Economy . 28 Action of the Fruit of Palma Christi on the Animal Economy, ibid. Of the Gratiola (Hedge-Hyssop) 68 Action of Hedge-Hyssop on the Animal Economy . Three days after, the animal had shewn no other phenomena than that dejection which constantly accom- panies this operation. Guy-Lussac, who first succeeded in depriving the Prussic Acid of a very great quantity of the water with which it was combined, when prepared according to the process of Scheele * (Vide Annates de Chimie, torn, lxxvii, p.

Arum Maculatum, Dracunculus, Dracontium, Colocassia, Esculentum, Virginicum, Arborescens, and Seguinum . He died on the sixth day, and it was im- possible on dissection to discover any alteration. The same experiment was repeated upon another small dog, with three drachms of the same powder, which had not been boiled a sufficient time in water to deprive it of all its soluble parts : the animal died at the end of thirty- six hours : he did not begin to feel the symptoms of poisoning until ten hours after the application of the poisonous substance. (Vicat, Histoire des Plantes Vent- neuses de la Suisse, p. Shortly after, these persons were seized with a general coldness, and their bodies became covered with an icy sweat ; their debility was extreme ; they were almost in a state of insensibility ; and their pulse could scarcely be per- ceived. Black hellebore ( Helleborus niger) belongs to the Polyandria Polygynia of Lin.