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The custom of dating in the 1920s

Throughout the entirety of Western civilization in the 1920's, sweeping sociological changes were engendering a sexual revolution as profound as those of the 1960's or the 1140's.

In addition, the a car provided a much wider range of where you could go with someone, and much greater privacy on the way there (or when you had gotten there.) Observers of the day also opined that the newfound privacy combined with the new ability to achieve "reckless speed" would inevitably lead to reckless behavior. This is not to say that every date involved a car (although it was generally agreed that it was far more impressive if it did.) The phenomenon of dating spread far beyond the people who were able to own cars.

Just as important as the car itself were the ideas that came with its societal use; a sense of freedom and mobility that extended even to those who were not directly affected by it.

"Petting parties" have been called "the 1920's greatest contribution to group sex." Most certainly the "petting" sometimes led to sex.