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The adult school of the chathams

Welcome to School of Rock Chatham—a haven for aspiring musicians who love rock n’ roll.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of rock ‘n roll or a metal-loving head-banger at home in the mosh pit, our teachers know how to best connect your love for music with a passion for learning it.

All students in School of Rock Chatham’s Adult Program can expect:• Fast-paced instruction in one of our great musical offerings: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and/or vocals• Weekly private instruction catered to your goals and level of proficiency• Rehearsals with others just like you to get ready for real shows at live music venues• An understanding of music theory and technique fundamentals, learned through songs from your favorite music genre• Fun, instruction, and a great progression of practical skills wrapped all into one!

Students learn, absorb, and perform iconic hits from some of history's greatest rock and roll performers including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and many more.

No matter what they perform, our students will learn incredible skills and enjoy epic experiences that will last a lifetime.

At School of Rock Chatham, the thrill of the performance is just as important ...

Read more School of Rock Chatham is now enrolling for our Adult Performance Program, where adult students of all proficiency levels can explore and conquer the world of music.

In Rock 101, we focus our instruction on the one instrument that students have chosen to study.