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A balanced p H is also indicative of the nutrient minerals being in balance.

They claim the populace gets plenty of "copper rich" foods, but when examining the list, these foods are known to be very rich in sulfur.

(Foods Rich in Sulfur) They own/control ALL the food and food processing entities, personal care products included, and everything that manufactures poisons.

Other protein foods have been modified by adding additional sulfur amino acids into the amino acid sequences.

This is another way they deprive and deplete us of copper.

(Most documentation on diabetes indicates that one third of all cases are undiagnosed.) According to dated references about 20% of African Americans and 10% of Caucasians carry the type B blood in the US, which is why African Americans are at twice the risk of developing diabetes than Caucasians.

The following web site should be referenced for graph and data interpretations: This coincides with about two thirds of the diabetic population with the other one third being undiagnosed.

Note that in the same year, 2004, there was a significant increase recorded in the p H level of the alkaline blood types.