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Tennis star dating olympic hottie

Unfortunately, she withdrew prior to the Athens 2004 Games due to injury; lost in the quarterfinals at Beijing 2008; and finally earned singles gold at London 2012.

But while for Olympic women the games are about prowess, stamina and victory, for the predominantly male commentators it seems – alas – to be the same old story: condescending, infantilising, ogling sexism.

The world’s best gymnasts waiting together for results after several strings of quadruple backflips?

He heads to the Rio Games with a single goal: reclaim the tennis throne by claiming gold. 1 status until August 2008 – just as the Beijing Olympics took place.

hey’re all lean muscle, strength and flexibility, flying through air and water in lycra so tight it wouldn’t fit round my little finger.

he suggestion that world-beating female athletes must be a species of bikini-clad, samba-dancing, catfighting, mall-frequenting hotties put on the earth for sports commentators’ pleasure is bad enough.

Even more pernicious is the recurring habit of looking to the nearest man to explain female achievement.

Now, that air of invincibility has (slightly) worn off.