Start Team fortress 2 files keep validating

Team fortress 2 files keep validating

@fletcherdvalve @bdeen-valve @johnv-valve @Valve Software @alfred-valve @davidw-valve can any of you guys answer this.any of you guys are anyhing to do with valve software..not..sorry to disturb you... Neither the SDK issues or the delay are your doing.

No console message whatsoever about the checkerboards unfortunately.

I couldn't find any fgd files in common/ w/ ls and grep, so I pointed hammer to the old one in steam/steamapps/wareya/sourcesdk/bin/orangebox/ (for me).

I assume that there being no fgd anywhere under common/ would be a long term bad thing? @Jds1234: Can you show me exactly what change you made to gameinfo.txt?

The above thing made entities show up and smartedit properly Some displacement stuff didn't look/work right and copying wareya/sourcesdk/bin/orangebox/bin/filters to common/Team Fortress 2/bin fixed it I'm getting purple checkerboard textures on models rendered in 2d when not selected and copying everything from orangebox/bin to /Team Fortress 2/bin (no overwrites; don't know what compelled me to try it anyway) happened not to fix it, so I dunno what's up with that Compiling a map with this setup seems to work perfectly fine, but the purple checkerboarding on 2d display props in hammer is a little annoying. I would be really surprised if adding the tools app ID fixed anything. Everybody is just launching the tools directly from the bin folder, right?

thank you too i was going a bit twitchy for not being able to find a better workaround myself until i googled then i was sad i couldnt figure out something to share with everyone, about this whole issue, woulda been nice if i coulda figured out a workaround and been like yea :p thank you again for posting all the fixes and responses everyone @wareya: The fgd's should be in the bin folder (same directory as hammer.exe). The old SDK launcher is no longer part of this process at all.

However, seeing as Linux has launched, I was hoping a current SDK would see a release so mod authors can add support for Linux (and hopefully Apple). With each passing day, more mappers say to hell with it. Without them, they would have ceased a long time ago. As a group, these are the people who kept hl2dm alive the last few years.

Keep as many people hanging on to this ephemeral hope as possible. please update the current one while you make the new one, like obidm said with each day that goes by I more and more want to say fuck it and go and pick up radiant mapping for [email protected] (which ive been putting off to work my source map projects) and just forget the source tools.... please fix sourcesdk..of my online friends who own their hl2dm RP servers , are getting really tiresome of waiting for this big update on source sdk...comon valve! not just say "we're going to fix it..." BTW what are you valve guys waiting for??? I have a team of about a dozen mapper friends who have over a year invested in what we thought would be the ultimate map for hl2dm.

In regards to the problem, I'd like to say I'm surprised, but the truth is it seems this is what usually happens (even going years back). I have released a very early beta of the TOOLS (not the source). They are going to live in the same folder as the game.