Start Suffolk dating from 1900

Suffolk dating from 1900

It is in excellent condition with the correct centre with a Castle and the motto,' Montis insignia Calpe'.

This is a fine original example and the price includes UK delivery. A detachment was sent to South Africa to augment the SUFFOLK REGIMENT. became the ' Cambridge Univesity Officer Training Corps' in 1908 and is now a part of the U. ( Sn 7530 ) Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers Other Ranks White Metal Helmet Plate.

( Sn 8074) Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers White Metal Shoulder Belt Plate. It was the only university to see active service in that conflict. ( Sn 7529 ) - 7529This is a Victorian Other Ranks white metal helmet plate.

They were worn both as a badge of rank and an indication that they were on duty.