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Steam randomly validating games

This article is a rebuttal to the article Modern Medicine Has Given Illness Care a Miss by Dr. (The piece is in fact recycled from this almost identical piece by him from November 2010.)In the 21 century, I could only echo that great sentiment as a truism, despite all the tall talk about the “so-called” evidence-based medicine.

The foundations of our evidence in modern medicine like the statistical risk calculations, (especially the relative risk reductions in place of absolute risk reductions that are sold to gullible doctors in most of the “scientific” articles without mentioning the NNT figures) and, the RCTs, which have no true science base, are very shaky, indeed. Anything that follows the scientific method is science. Things won’t change much if we use the newer methods. M.s will be validated while EBSM will be discredited. The aim is not in formulating dogmatic theories and sticking obdurately to them, but in better understanding of medical science. In fact, any newer evidence that might contradict the existing concepts will be thoroughly investigated and gladly accepted if it stands up to rigorous scrutiny.

Napoleon Bonaparte went one step further, but one could argue that he was not a physician.

He was at the receiving end of such a medical practice when he died.

In dermatology evidence is found only in 28 per cent of published studies.