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(Allo also has some really, really fantastic stickers.) If you're plotting governmental overthrow, you can open an incognito chat, which is both end-to-end encrypted and set to automatically delete after a period of time. It's inside your conversations that Google really inserts itself.

Other than some beta-app crashiness there's not much to complain about regarding the standard messaging experience. When you receive a message, Allo will often pop up those clear bubbles with suggested replies.

Right now, that's either turned off or very cautious, and I never had it pop up in my testing.

Which is good, because the Google Assistant is kind of an idiot sometimes. I have a trip to Colombia coming soon, and if I said "@google when do I leave for Bogota," it would pull my flight info out of my email.

"We think we're on the cusp of messaging version two," says Nick Fox, who oversees communication products at Google.

"Messaging is going from being just about sending text to really expressing yourself much more fully, much more broadly, much more naturally.

The Google Assistant is everyone's first friend in Allo.