Start Star wars the old republic an error occurred updating

Star wars the old republic an error occurred updating

Note: If you receive this error in the midst of the Launcher patching itself, see the instructions in section II. Verify that you are connected to the internet and that your router/broadband modem are functioning correctly.

If you’re unable to update the Launcher you’ll need to either use the Launcher Repair Utility or disable your anti-virus software while the Launcher updates itself and then immediately enable it thereafter. Retrying…” (Non-Streaming Only)This indicates that the Launcher is unable to download data from the patch servers.

Repair” (Non-Streaming Only)Please click the “Repair” link. If Repair does not work and you consistently receive “corrupt source” or “unknown file” errors in your Launcher logs (these can be found in the “\logs” directory in your install directory), please try the following, in order: While some applications are tolerant of minor file corruption, the SWTOR Launcher is not.

The incremental patching process it uses is extremely bandwidth efficient but requires that the source and patch files be pristine to correctly apply the patch.

That said, these errors can ultimately lead to general system or data corruption so getting them fixed is in your best interest if you are affected.

“Reliable source serving corrupt data” in Logs (Non-Streaming Only)If you receive “Reliable source serving corrupt data” errors in your logs, this is also indicative of file corruption.

Streaming System Requirements Internet Connections: If your Internet connection speed is less than 1.5 megabits per second, please wait for the download to complete before playing.

You are using the original (non-streaming) technology, if: You can also determine what technology you are using by logging in and looking in the lower left corner of the Launcher screen. Note: The Public Test server does not use the new (streaming) technology; it always patches using the original technology.

The Launcher will continue to retry until it connects successfully.