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Speed dating malta

A miserable week confined to a hotel room being a reluctant nursemaid followed. I finally read my guidebook (there was nothing else to do) and learned about everything I was missing above water: the beautiful land and seascapes, medieval towns and villages, megalithic tombs, superb beaches and Mediterranean-with-a-twist cuisine.

I did not intend to experience much of it: I was there to dive.

I flew into Valletta but took the half-hour ferry trip the next day to Gozo, the smaller, less populated island.

Things move slowly in Gozo; you get a sense not much has changed since the middle of the last century.

We did six dives: a 'getting to know you' dive at Xlendi; two boat dives - the P31 shipwreck and the Comino Caves - and three shore dives - Cathedral Cave, the Inland Sea and the world-renowned Blue Hole.

On March 9 this year Malta's top tourist attraction, the Azure Window, collapsed into the sea after heavy storms.

Philip is a spectacular host and insisted on us having a seven-course taster menu which included suckling roast pig, rabbit stew and, my favourite, wild nettle pesto.

And, oh yes, every course was accompanied by a different wine hand-picked by Phillip from his impressive cellar.

The combination of the warm Mediterranean, great visibility and abundance of reefs, shipwrecks, caves and sea life have earned Malta, and its little sister island Gozo, a reputation as one of the top dive spots in Europe; an underwater Disneyland if you like.