Start Sophomore and freshman dating

Sophomore and freshman dating

She crashes into Your Character, and snaps at you when you try to help her with the stuff she dropped. In The Sophomore Chapter 4, she tells you of her parents' divorce and how she, along with her mother and sister, has gone broke.

Becca is later invited by Your Character to go along with her and her friends to Aurora Music Festival.

You reunite with Becca on Chapter 8, Book 4's final chapter, in the Aurora Music Festival.

You later go to Uskea with Becca to find furniture for her room.

It hasn’t always been an easy road for the couples below, but these lovebirds have managed to go the distance.

Becca opens up about how her parents are divorcing, and you both have a conversation about how bad things have been.

Becca lets you sleep the night at her sorority, and there is also a diamonds option to talk more and have sex with her (if you are single).

If Your Character dates Chris, she will not be hostile toward you, but snarky at times until she dates Sebastian.