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But mostly, I either swallowed it or he pulled out and jacked his shots on my tits, which he always seemed to really enjoy, or he wasn't near cumming and put his cock in my pussy or my asshole and finished off there. People are going to find out." And so it went, until I got so riled up, I left the house at 1 a.m. He suggested various scenarios, trying to find something I'd be willing to do. He was 58 and had recently gone through a terrible divorce.

And after about a month, I got passed it and we settled into something like a normal domestic life again. Again with the dildos and vibrators and porn videos, listening to the sounds of porn queens, their every hole being stuffed while Randy did the same to me. My body still craved a fuck every day, but the fucking was happening more like just once a week, if that. Billy Johnson owned a tree nursery and was a successful businessman.

What changed me, oddly enough, was the action of a good man who happened to be one of my regular lunch customers at the diner.

A shapely, 30-something, small town, pot-smoking, beer-drinking Slut! My first boyfriend was clueless and I quickly lost interest in him. Me and the girls would separate and have our chats and he and his boys would play Texas Hold-em, or watch some DVD or play a little basketball on our dirt court. He became more selective about which guys came over and they stopped bringing their women. A hand would grab ass, caress my thigh as I came to the card table to serve drinks, I'd swat one hand away after another. This went on for the better part of one summer until one day one of his friends reached down to my crotch while I was at the kitchen sink washing plate and fingered my pussy and asked when was I gonna try a gangbang. Then he turned his head away, looking out the window.