Start Skadate 6 online dating demo

Skadate 6 online dating demo

If you want a great dating site that is backed up by excellent support staff , then go with Skadate ok folks. admin panel deskop front end desktop front end in mobile browser mobile version i OS and Android apps.

After contacting their support I got general guidilens on what to do and where and what NOT to do.

Therefor is exately what you need if you are using a very fancy custom one page scroll landing page powered by another script.

Install skadate into subfolder and place links to it on your landing.

Advice: just tell them what you need and what you are doing before you actually go ahead and do it.

Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team.

So here is the gorgerous thing about Skadate- you can REMOVE/rearrange/add things easily if you follow the logic. Simple "deactivate" to remove feature completely does the trick in Skadate.

Removed forum, groups, slideshow and around 10 more plugins and guess what? ))) 2most important dating features are done as plugins as well. I left those active on my site BUT did a bunch of modifications.

Taking more with VERY HELPFUL support staff I realized that you can actually fetch components of other plugins into any page.