Start Sim dating games like festival days

Sim dating games like festival days

The game has a hilarious tongue-in-cheek take on the visual novel genre, and the characters are surprisingly well written for a bunch of birds.

Every choice you make in this turn-based game determines the fate of your dynasty, from whether your son will end up in a good marriage to whether the Duchess you have overseeing your estates in The French alps will die of syphilis from an ill-advised affair.

Like many of Paradox Games's efforts, Crusader Kings 2 also has an incredibly devoted fanbase who love modding the game. You thought the Goth family would be a lot more exciting with the possibility of an assassination plot. Sick of your two-story townhouse in the suburbs, where the most dangerous thing to happen is a kitchen fire from your own inability to microwave food? In sunny, war-blasted post-apocalyptic America you can make a new start among the ruins of civilization.

It takes a while to befriend them too, you can't just find one or two effective choices and hammer them over and over in one night to make them fall in love with you like certain people did in The Sims (it was me, I was the certain people). You got a little too obsessed with the gardening and fishing skills in later Sims games.

If you were the kind of person who ignored the social side of The Sims for that sweet, sweet feeling of control and creation that came from building and managing your own home, you might want to take things macro with Cities: Skyline.

You must build facilities, manage resources, keep everyone happy and make sure the various catastrophes of the wasteland don't overwhelm your merry band of friends.

It's a great way to scratch that Sims itch on your phone while also getting the opportunity to kill giant irradiated roaches with a gun that shoots railroad spikes.

If you played The Sims and thought it needed to be even more deep and complex in its mechanics, then Kudos 2 may be the game for you.

With a more considered, turn-based structure and a choice system so thought-out that hanging out with a friend for long enough makes their personality rub off on you.

Speaking of incredibly in-depth, Crusader Kings 2 is an insanely deep dynasty simulator.

If you loved the feeling of choice and the experience of watching your family grow and change over the generations, you'll love Crusader Kings 2.

That feeling of fulfillment that comes from leading your tiny virtual family to a happier life is almost as wonderful as the feeling of fulfillment that comes from trapping your tiny virtual family in a room with no doors and starting a fire.