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Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby, Morrison answered.

The output text is chosen by how well it correlates to the input text, which the system has learned from analyzing streams of text from the user.

Over time as the user works with the chatbot, it learns to adapt.

The sentences in the messages are split into words, which are converted into a vector in a high-dimensional space – a technique known as Word2vec.

Various algorithms decide if a particular word is good or bad by assigning a high or low score to it, and then choose how the chatbot should respond.

How can I meet other people interested in chatbots?

Sure, it can improve how consumers interact with businesses or how teams collaborate but nothing more.

Another area that chatbots could change is customer service.

Many startups are gearing their chatbots toward providing a better service to users, whether it’s booking tickets or supporting customers through call centers.

All the big AI players are investing in some sort of chatbot.

Google just released Allo, a messaging app that incorporates its Google Assistant. And IBM has Watson, a machine that famously beat human competitors by answering more questions correctly on the American game show Jeopardy.

He allows you little insights into his life, but his main interest is telling you a story where he plays a small part. And you think he’s given you the true picture,” he told his colleague.