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When officers investigated the alleged battery, they found the couple had met the girl near a fast-food restaurant the night of the incident. Eric Sherouse, public information officer, said Rogers and Delgado, who were reportedly homeless and living in a tent in a wooded area west of the Polk County Courthouse, convinced the girl to return to their tent to engage in sexual acts.

Within one week, Internet voice and video calling apps such as Skype, Viber and Whats App will be unblocked in the kingdom.

How do you respect yourself or how [can] your family respect you, if he is your legal guardian?

—Hayat, 44-year-old former school principal, December 7, 2015 In Saudi Arabia, a woman’s life is controlled by a man from birth until death.

Bartow police arrested and charged a Bartow man and woman for alleged sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl.

According to the Bartow Police Department, on Wednesday detectives began investigating the alleged sexual assault that reportedly happened Sept. Police said Nathan Rogers and his girlfriend, Ariel Delgado, both 20, told them while the girl was visiting them, she sexually assaulted Rogers.

Rania, a 34-year-old Saudi woman, said, “We are entrusted with raising the next generation but you can’t trust us with ourselves.

It doesn’t make any sense.” Every Saudi woman, regardless of her economic or social class, is adversely affected by guardianship policies.

Authorities have provided incentives to employers to hire women and earmark certain positions for women and provided thousands of scholarships for women to study in universities abroad.