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This programme incentivises individuals to come forward with information on securities-related misconduct by promising rewards of up to C$5 million for reporting misconduct that leads to a successful enforcement action.

However, in order to be enforceable, termination provisions in an employment contract must be precisely drafted to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable employment standards legislation, otherwise a court may declare such provisions to be void.

In addition, recent Ontario jurisprudence highlights significant potential risks with entering into fixed-term employment arrangements.

Federally regulated employers are subject to special scrutiny when terminating employment.

Non-managerial employees with at least one year of service may take their dismissal to adjudication under the Canada Labour Code and seek reinstatement.

Ontario is one of the few jurisdictions in Canada that has pay equity legislation.

The legislation requires employers to develop a pay equity plan to ensure that there is no gender bias in compensation.

For employers engaged in certain activities of an inter-provincial nature (eg, shipping, railways, airlines, radio and television broadcasting, banking and inter-provincial transport (including oil and gas pipelines)), federal law generally applies.

Accordingly, where material differences between Ontario law and federal law exist, Ontario law is addressed first, followed by federal law. Rather, the employment relationship is contractual. Unless there is a written contract dealing with termination, Canadian common law requires employers to provide employees with 'reasonable' notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice if employment is terminated without cause.

However, important exceptions preclude reinstatement, such as genuine layoffs.

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Therefore, employers should ensure that all employment contracts, whether they are for an indefinite or fixed term, are carefully drafted in accordance with statutory requirements and developing case law.