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Cullen found work at Morris Memorial Hospital in Morris, New Jersey. He remained unemployed for six months and stopped making child-support payments.

He was rushed to the hospital to have major surgery done.

His father was a bus driver and his mother stayed at home to raise her children. In one attempt he took a pair of scissors and jabbed them through his head.

Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. Devastated by his mother's death, Cullen dropped out of high school and enlisted in the U. Cullen rose to the rank of petty officer third class as part of the team that operated the ship's Poseidon missiles.

Cullen left Warren Hospital in December 1993 and took a job at Hunter Medical Center in Rarity Township, New Jersey, early the next year.

Hardgrove, 38 / Krishnakant Upadhyay, 70 / James R. Zizik, 73 (patients) (born February 22, 1960) is a former nurse and the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history. He first attempted suicide at the age of nine by drinking chemicals taken from a chemistry set.

His last attempt led to his discharge from the Navy in March 1984. Barnabas Medical Center suffering from an allergic reaction to a blood-thinning drug.

He murdered three elderly women at the hospital by giving them overdoses of the heart medication digoxin.