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Sex chats recorded

The following is an account of the single, awful day I spent as a sex chat line operator. Lots of women raved over how simple it was to make a generous amount of money: ‘’ Out of curiosity, the promise of easy cash, or god knows what else, I applied. I had the ‘handbook’ sent to me by email – reading through that was certainly an eye opener and should have been enough of a warning, but the money… It said that before I could be an operator, I’d have to take a telephone test of ten questions, with a required pass mark of 80% otherwise my details would be deleted from their system. Next, I had to speak to someone on the main helpline, in order to choose the areas I’d be ‘acting’ in. I sat awkwardly as he asked me which of the fields I wanted to perform: Once he’d gone through them all and I’d picked the ones I felt comfortable with (ha!

We got the pleasantries out of the way, he seemed very sweet, and I reminded myself he was probably somebody’s grandfather so he couldn’t be all bad. Then, almost as soon as his spunk was fired into orbit, he hung up without a goodbye, or thanks. It’s not like I wanted a cuddle or anything, but it still stung slightly. The handbook had said you’re in no way allowed to lead the conversation into a sexual direction unless the caller does, so I was happy to listen and make yummy noises in the right places. As soon as he’d gone, I logged off, knowing I’d never ever be logging on again.

The second caller had a terrible almost Dutch accent-like speech impediment, I could only make out TITSH, PUSHY and ARSH-HOLE. It beat the theatrical fake groaning into a cocked hat. I then puked my guts up and lay in the corner crying, thinking about what my mum would say.

I also gathered he wanted to SHLOWLY SHTICK HISH FINGERSH UP MY SHWEET ASH. The sixth spoke obsessively about how much he loved his wife, how she was always so busy and he was so lonely: “She’s just gone out now and I’m alone” he almost whimpered. I knew I had to stop before I ended up hating men completely.

"I was friend requested by someone named Michela Duran [on Facebook], I accepted, and moments later she sends me messages like "do you like sex baby", and of course I'm a 25 year old man.

Shortly after messaging back and forth she convinced me to video chat with her, so I did.

I was mortified." The Reddit user then described how he tried to make additional payments over the next couple of days to various names the scammer provided using Moneygram and Western Union.

The scammer was threatening the victim continually through messaging, ultimately making his life miserable.

Would you have done that to keep the embarrassing video from being posted and shown to all your friends, family and co-workers? I told him I had no more money and wasn't going to pay him anything else, hoping he was bluffing.