Start Self validating textbox

Self validating textbox

Then we need to render a span element and set its attributes.

but, being public, can also be executed in other situations (and in fact it is called by every control that wants to cause a postback).

If parsing succeeds, the code calls the Save Fillup method, passing it an error callback.

This delegate simply displays the error condition in a message box.

Another thing is when you would use validation summaries.

The error message is being rendered as a property of the span.

Validation requirements often vary, but typically you want to validate data to prevent incorrect values from being saved.

In this case, bindings are set directly to the appropriate data classes, which have float properties.

I will just post the entire source, since all the client code is practically copied from the Base Validator code. I have chosen to not render the error message, as I wanted a different behaviour (in this case, a red background).