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Sea floor dating

According to Malaysia Airlines the plane lost contact one hour after take-off. The last words spoken by the pilot or co-pilot were 'Good night Malaysian three seven zero'.

However, it has said that would depend on finding 'credible new evidence' about the plane's whereabouts.

By measuring the strength of the sonar researchers could distinguish between hard and soft sediment.

They could also identify anomalies on the sea floor that needed to be looked at in more detail.

However, information gathered during painstaking surveys of some 120,000 sq km (46,000 sq miles) of the remote waters west of Australia should provide fishermen, oceanographers and geologists insight into the region in unprecedented detail, said Charitha Pattiaratchi, professor of coastal oceanography at the University of Western Australia.'There are the locations of seamounts which will attract a lot of international deep sea fishermen to the area,' Dr Pattiaratchi told Reuters by phone.