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The 19th had begun to break ranks to follow him, but fell back in confusion after he was killed.

The 19th Tennessee was formed from companies of men from the counties of East Tennessee and was mustered into the Confederate army at Knoxville, Tennessee, in the spring of 1861.

Beginning the war with a force of over 1,000 men, only 78 soldiers were present when the 19th surrendered.

General Beauregard was assembling a new army and requested Johnston to join him.

Johnston marched his army south into Alabama while considering the offer.

As Federal and Confederate cannons exchanged fire through the night; the troops were ferried across the river by a steamboat named the Noble Ellis.

Some soldiers tried to swim and were drowned or swept away.

The rugged terrain of East Tennessee hampered the development of agricultural land in the region, and delayed the development of roads and railways, while obstructions in the Tennessee River below Chattanooga hampered the development of water transportation, making it difficult for East Tennesseans to bring any products to markets. In a dawn attack, the Confederates surprised about 300 Bushwhackers.

Thus, the agrarianism of the region was limited to food production rather than the production of "cash crops". Blair 3rd Lieutenant - James Carlton Company H (The Milton Guards) - Mc Minn County, Tennessee, 94 Men Captain - William H. The Unionists fled after a brief exchange of gunfire, and the Confederates took the camp and captured a meager store of supplies. Powell of Company K acquired the dubious distinction of being the first Confederate killed in the Western Theater of the American Civil War.

The 19th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, or Nineteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, was an infantry regiment in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

The 19th Tennessee fought in every major battle and campaign of the Army of Tennessee except the Battle of Perryville. Powell of Company K, killed at the Battle of Barbourville, Kentucky, is believed to be the first soldier killed during the Civil War in that state.

Fifty-eight of the remaining 78 soldiers were from the initial muster at the beginning of the war.