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Rain and hyori dating

The band debuted on June 7, 2012, under Amuse Korea Entertainment. – He acted in Korean dramas such as Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011), Run 60 (Japanese – 2012), Big (2012), Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (ep. – He has three tattoos so far: on his shoulder, wrist and hip. True – Education: Bao Shan Vocational and Technical School – He can speak Chinese and Korean. – His hobbies are playing sports, shopping and watching movies. Korea) – He had weight lifting training for 6 years and he also did short-distance racing training for 1 year. – Education: Chung Ang University – He can speak Chinese and Korean. G left Cross Gene in January 2013, to start a career as a solo artist.

Riya is trained in Kathak, a classical dance of Northern India, and is still pursuing it under Vijayshree Chaudhury.

She is als0 an avid kickboker and bellydancer - she has completed Level 1 of the 5 levels in belly dancing.

I've been 'hit on' by every ethnicity except Asian men. AW The most frequently received question for this blog is some variation of "Do Korean guys go for non-Korean [white, black, Latina, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Martian] girls?

They either stay within their own ethnicity or date white women. " And each time, the Korean points them to this old post, which has been the most popular post on this blog for a long time until the dog meat post overtook it this month.

To the Korean, the most beautiful woman in the world (excluding, of course, the Korean Wife) is Beyonce. God, it's great being married so I won't go through that shit again.

Cross Gene Members Profile 2017: Cross Gene Facts; Cross Gene Ideal Type Cross Gene (크로스진) currently consists of 5 members. – He acted in a commercial with G-Dragon in August 2012. – In elementary school, he practiced swimming and aikido. Korea) – He has a mischievous personality and a good sense of humor.

Some of her other film roles include: What is a gravuer idol you may ask - well, it's basically the Japanese equivalent of a glamour model, and Emi is one of Japan's most famous and prolific.