Start Punkbuster not updating bad company 2

Punkbuster not updating bad company 2

Then start the game and go to setting and check the box (allow punkbuster).

I accidentally uninstalled Punkbuster for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and now I'm unable to re-install it. page=- Gety Windows 3.4 Windows Games For All ( for your OS: Windows XP, Vista, 2000 ...

Make sure all Punk Buster Services are installed and running by downloading PBSVC. Scroll through the list and find Pnk Bstr A and Pnk Bstr B.

If they are not running (Check the Status column), right click each and select “Start”. You can remove Punk Buster for PC by going to the Control Panel – Programs & Features (Add/Remove Programs for Classic View) within Windows.

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I also have a problem whenever theres an explosion anywhere even if its not close to me, my screen turns into multi color static and I cant see anything for about 5 second.

I dont know if these two things are connected somehow.

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