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Plain jane dating coach

When Will comes to regret his actions and apologizes, Sue renews their enmity.

She enlists members of her cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, to bring the club down from the inside, and is selected as a judge for the show choir Regionals competition.

She falls in love with news anchor Rod Remington (Bill A.

Jones), but their burgeoning relationship comes to an abrupt end when she discovers he is sleeping with his co-anchor, Andrea Carmichael (Earlene Davis).

It is revealed that Sue's older sister Jean (Robin Trocki) also has Down syndrome, and lives in a residential care facility.

Sue becomes a minor celebrity when Olivia Newton-John invites her to remake the video to "Physical", after a viral video of Sue Jazzercising to the track achieves internet notoriety.

After Sue learns that Rod and Andrea have become engaged, she announces her intention to marry herself.

Her estranged mother Doris (Carol Burnett), a recently retired Nazi hunter, visits in an attempt to make amends for her absentee parenting, but is continuously critical of her daughter, to the point that Sue disinvites her during her wedding ceremony. Sue grows disillusioned with cheerleading, and in an effort to recapture her love for it, plans to fire cheerleader Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris) from a cannon during the team's next competitive routine.

Sue was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan.