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Single parents tend to be more vulnerable to falling into poverty.

Running a household on one paycheck can be tight, and daycare puts an additional strain on paychecks, especially if a parent needs to pay more than one care giver or pay for after-school programs.

However, social perceptions can present a challenge to enforcing the law when it comes to single dads.

Single working moms are identified as such, but single working dads tend to be perceived simply as men who work.

published at the New York State Unified Court System website,, the amount of single parent families has tripled since 1960.

Furthermore: Heads of single parent households face some specific disadvantages when parenting and dealing with other issues that may arise.

According to the Better Health Channel, children of single parent households face many types of challenges.

For example: The American Academy of Pediatrics also states that a child's behavior may change - and not always for the better.

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Boys might become more aggressive and girls might become more withdrawn.