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; son of Otto and (Herbst) Bierbach, father being a native of Germany.

H., 1912-18; appointed Superintendent of Public Works, Territory of Ha- waii, by Gov.

Ar- my, 1905-1912; same, Honolulu Planing Mill, Honolulu, T. Nicholas College, Lancing, England; instructor at Ardingly College, England, 1894-00; principal lolani School. S., mechanical engineering, 1914; assistant in department of physics, University of California, 1914-15; superintendent Island Electric Co., Ltd., Wailuku, Maui, 1915-16; man- ager same, 1916-20; receiver since 1920.

Educated Punahou School (Honolulu), Ober- lin College (Ohio), A. (Bond) Bicknell; descendant of early mis- sionaries to Hawaii, grandfather and grandmother coming around the Horn in 1841, and mother, born at Kahala. Educated Punahou school, Oahu College, Heald's Business College, San Francisco, Cal., 1889-90; married Aimee I.

Bf CKNELL, JAMES, City and County Auditor, Honolulu; born at Kohala, Hawaii, May 26, 1869; son of James and Ellen M.


BIBEE, WILLIAM A., business- man, Honolulu; born in Sheridan, Ore., Nov. and Nettie Bibee; married Ber- nice Halstead, in Honolulu, April 22, 1918. 15, 1919; salesman Auto Serv- ice and Supply Co., Aug.

Has practiced his profession in Honolulu since 1901. H., 1905-06; on amalgamation of Citv of Honolulu with County of Oahu was elected City and County Auditor of Honolulu, 1907, and has been re-elected each succeeding term since.

Thrum in Honolulu, later working at Fanning- Island until 1893; in the employ of Henry Davis, Honolulu, 1893-96; employed in different ca- pacities United States customs service, Honolulu, 1896-1900: elect- ed county auditor, County of Oahu, T. Member of Com- mercial and Ad Clubs of Honolulu, Odd Fellows' Lodge, K. Entered distilling busi- ness in Upper Silesia while a young man, following that occupa- tion in his native country for 15 years, and then going to Lisbon, Portugal, and later to San Miguel, Azores, in similar work; arrived in Honolulu, April 4, 1894, having come by way of South America; has worked in large number of plantations throughout the islands as sugar boiler and chemist; with Kohala Sugar Co. Member Hawaiian Chemists Assn., on executive com- mittee, 1914-15; member Lodge No.

NYPL RESEARCH LIBRARIES 3 3433 08254367 3 MEN OF HAWAII MEN OF HAWAII A BIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE LIBRARY. LIMITED TERRITORY OF HAWAII 1921 87 428 \ 'c' c Vc 1 \VIX P. BIBEE BIOGRAPHICAL, REFERENCE LIBRARY 43 four children: Harlan Frederic, Ed- win, Emma Catharine and Howard Barnum. Apprentice to pattern makers' trade, San Fran- cisco, 1880-84; worked at trade in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Honolulu. 5, 1911, at Pittsburg, Pa.; two children, Jac and Helen. Resident physician Reinemann Ma- ternity Hospital, 1909: same, Alle- ghany General Hospital, 1910-11; private practice in Honolulu since; naturalized in 1912. 15, 1883, at Medicine Lodge, Kansas; son of Francis F. Bergman; married Margaret Mc- Carty at South Haven, Mich., Aug. Mem- ber American Association for Ad- vancement of Science, American Botanical Society, American Phyto- Pathological Society, American Ecol. BERNDT, EMIL ADOLPH, mer- chant, Honolulu; born in Bremen, Germany, May 3, 1878; son of E. Secretary Honolulu Star-Bulletin since amalgamation of Hawaiian Star and Evening Bul- letin, July 1, 1912.

COMPLETE AND AUTHENTIC, OF THE MEN OF NOTE AND SUBSTANTIAL ACHIEVEMENT IN THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS VOLUME REVISED EDITED BY JOHN WILLIAM SIDDALL . 1884-1892; clerk, Castle & Cooke, Honolulu, 1892-99; mana- ger Insurance and Sales Depart- ment Henry Waterhouse Co., 1899, and held this position through re- organization of firm to a trust company. Educated in schools at Sydney, Sydney Tech- nical College, 1902-05, University of Pittsburg, 1906-10. Member med- ical staff Queen's Hospital, 1912; Children's Hospital, 1913-14; Queen's Hospital, 1915 ; staff surgeon Queen's Hospital, 1916-17, 1919-20, 1920-21; physician to children's non-leprous homes, 1915; surgeon Oahu prison, 1916; member and secretary Board of Medical Examiners, May 1914- September 1920; commissioned Captain, Medical Corps, National Guard of Hawaii, December, 1912. 14, 1912; one child, Jeanette Little- field, deceased at age of 4 years. Sc., 1905; University of Ne- braska, graduate school, one year, no degree; LTniversity of Minne- sota, M. Louis and Wilhelmina Sophia Fred- ericke (Kunst) Berndt; married Lili Pfeil in San Francisco Dec. Educated in public and private schools, Kauai, and at St. Began business career in office of Hawaiian Star, Honolulu, advanc- ing to circulation manager and later cashier and assistant manager; di- rector Hawaiian Star, 1900; became vice president and general mana- ger W. Secretary and director Home Insurance Co., Ho- nolulu; director Honolulu Gas Co.; director Honolulu Chamber of Com- merce and Y.

M., Ad Club, Commercial Club, Manoa Improvement Club. 4, 1881; son of Andrew and Alice (Warner) Bev- ins; married Ethel Phoebe Taylor at Hamakuapoko, Maui County, T.